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As your buyer agent I will guide and assist you through the many aspects that constitute the home buying process. I will be your advocate while acting in your best interest toward a successful purchase. My role is multifaceted, as simultaneously I act as your representative, advisor, researcher, planner, project manager, facilitator, contract specialist and negotiator. I will also professionally interact and manage relationships with agents, lenders, title and escrow officers, inspectors, service providers and repair companies. Let me be your guide.


Here is an overview of the many roles and facets I serve in as your buyer agent:

As your agent you have my fiduciary duty, and my commitment, to always advocate for you and act in your best interests, regardless of the circumstances. You're my client, not a customer.

As part of the search process, access to and understanding of the latest housing trends, local insight, market dynamics and sales data will put you in the best position possible to make a winning offer.

A full understanding of your local market builds a context of knowledge toward making a competitive offer. Next is a market analysis of how an individual home compares to recent sales activity of comparable homes. 

How to build a winning offer in a competitive market is more than just paperwork. Understanding how to leverage the latest trends, market dynamics and motivations of sellers to meet your strategy is key.

Expertise to negotiate the best deal possible, in the present circumstances,  on your behalf. Once an offer is accepted, there are often many more terms and items to reach agreement on. 

Putting you in position for a winning offer is only part of the job. Surrounding you with experts in their fields throughout the buying process is critical to thoroughly investigate and protect your purchase. 

The reality as a buyer in a competitive market is that you might be required to move fast and adjust quickly. There are many parties and interests involved in this complex process, and I'm present to manage the process.


Not every escrow is perfectly smooth. In fact, there are numerous factors, often out of your control, that can derail a transaction. My experience and savvy will help find the right solutions when issues arise.

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