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  • Frank Tadych

How To Take The Stress Out Of Selling Your Home

Selling your home does not have to be stressful. Really.

One of the considerations many homeowners agonize over is the perception that selling their home is going to be overwhelming, stressful, and consume their daily lives. Not so.

Some of the best ways to reduce your stress and anxiety during a home sale are the planning and strategies you invest in before your home ever hits the market. By working with me to plan ahead on a number of key items you can avoid much of the stress and anxiety that can plague other home sellers.

(1) Partner With The Right Agent. You should expect, and receive, premium service from your agent during the sale of your home. That includes keeping the experience drama-free. I work diligently with my clients up front, before the sale, to learn their goals, what factors are most important, and what the ideal sales scenario looks like to them. Those parameters shape the experience. I can manage the entire sales process for you so that you can be as involved as you choose.

(2) Work With Your Lender To Have Loan Underwritten In Advance. If you are selling your home to immediately buy another, it's critical to show the buyers of your home and the owners of the home you're buying that you are prepared. It can be the difference in getting your next offer accepted while simultaneously keeping your buyers on the hook. The step beyond getting a mortgage pre-approval is to get your loan underwritten in advance with a guarantee a loan is in place. It has several benefits: (A) Makes your offer stronger compared to other offers; (B) Avoids all of the stress of later providing the lender documents during escrow when you don't have time; (C) Cuts many days off of the timeline to close escrow, keeping all parties in both transactions satisfied and locked into the deals.

(3) Prep Your Home In Advance. Knowing what your home needs - and what it will cost - in order to sell for top dollar are pieces best known and planned for ahead of time. When it comes to home repairs, outdoor updating and home staging, all of this can -- and should be --completed far in advance. It will give your home a strong first impression and help avoid future delays. Get ahead of the curve.

(4) Lean On Your Agent. Among other things, a full-service agent will guide you through this process. I know in advance what's involved in selling your home. So when it comes time to set appointments with home stagers or home inspectors, or schedule and shoot photos and videos at your home, in many scenarios this can all be done far in advance and not when it's inconvenient for you.

(5) Sell Your Home Your Way. There are many ways to go about selling your home, so strategize with me about what is ideal for your lifestyle. Maybe your home and market support an off-market sale. Perhaps open houses aren't your thing, and the house needs to be shown only via appointments. If you don't have the ability to move out before you sell, one of the best tips I can offer is to schedule those needed weekend vacations while your home is on the market so you're away. Qualified agents can even accept bids from iBuyers on your behalf.

(6) Conduct the Wood Destroying Pest Inspection on your home. These are inexpensive and will bring to light any repairs that sellers generally handle in a sale. Completing any necessary repairs will not only be a plus in marketing your home to potential buyers, but will avoid repair delays during the escrow period.

(7) Consult With Your Financial Manager. Selling your home should fit within your overall financial plan. Check in with your tax professional or financial manager about capital gains taxes or any other tax or ramifications so you're not surprised after the fact and during the sale.

(8) Plan Ahead. Sure, it sounds simplistic, but really - make plans. Do you know where you are moving next? Have you hired movers? Who is packing? Is there any special planning for kids and pets? Do you need to take days off from work? Are there cash flow considerations? Anything you can do ahead of time to save you time later, do it.

Selling really can be smooth. Completing these steps during the period when you have the time and energy, and find yourself free of any other deadlines, will reduce the stress and anxiety you might feel by waiting until they have to be done. You will be glad you did.

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