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Trends for modern tech-smart homes

The latest and greatest in technology isn’t limited to a gadget you can hold in your hand or the computer that operates your car. More and more, they can be embraced inside your home.

Home technology is a hot industry, and some of the latest trends and products can give you a smart-home that makes your living space technically savvy. Not only will these advances in home technology make your life easier, but they also represent top-selling features that can add value to your home.

Here’s a look at some examples of the latest in technology for your home:

Complete home integration. The day is nearly here when you can run every subsystem in your home from a mobile app. Nearly. But today you can experience the convenience of running all of the systems – lighting, audio, video, security, HVAC, cameras, etc. – from any touchscreen for complete control of nearly everything in your home, like this product from

Make your flatscreen (almost) invisible. Many homeowners want the latest in flatscreen television technology but don’t want to stare at the huge screens when they’re not watching. No problem. Check out this pop-up ceiling lift on, a transparent TV like this one designed by Michael Friebe, or even a mirror that turns into a TV. How cool.

User-friendly ovens. You can have a kitchen like the Jetson’s with an oven that has a built-in Android tablet, allowing you to search online for restaurants, surf for recipes and control the oven from a mobile device. offers a look at Dacor’s Discovery smart oven.

A magic mirror. How about a fully functioning mirror that has a built-in display connected to the Internet so that you can browse the web, watch videos, check the weather and more -- all while getting ready in the morning? Someone has thought of that. Check out this version from

Monitor energy usage in real-time. New sustainable energy solutions can eliminate standby power completely, shut down appliances for brief periods, and study your daily habits in real-time that affect your homes’ energy consumption. Integrating this systems combines renewable energy and energy conservation.

Toilets of the future. Didn't think there was such a thing, did you? Toilets continue to become more advanced, like the Numi Toilet that has a touchscreen interface, built-in speakers, motion detection and can connect via Bluetooth. Others, like this example from that uses less than a gallon per flush, focus on conservation.

Home theater trends. Nearly everything is new when it comes to home theater trends, especially when it regarding the convergence of web-based mobile apps and streaming internet content. Internet-enabled devices bring everything on the Internet to your TV, and it can all be controlled from a mobile device. Wireless media systems are continually innovative and with products like Apple TV you can access podcasts, internet radio and music from cloud storage. There are a lot of competitors, and thus a lot of options for consumers, in this arena.

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