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Not every agent is created equal. So when searching for a home in a competitive housing market, you deserve every advantage you can get. The right buyer's agent to professionally represent you and negotiate on your behalf is a huge advantage, and as my client you have my duty and commitment to act only in your best interests. 

While I will serve many roles as your agent, these are the specific services I provide during your home search:


  • Meet with you one-on-one to discuss your real estate goals and needs.

  • Carefully listen to your needs and wants to learn your home preferences.

  • Understand your funding plan and budget; make lender referrals, if needed.

  • Ensure that you have lender pre-approval and/or proof of funds.

  • Connect with your lender directly to learn your best possible offer terms.

  • Put our agreement to work together into writing as your representative.


  • Explore, research and view homes in your target areas and budget.

  • Provide automated home search emails that match your criteria.

  • Set up automated local market reports to track latest trends.

  • Present homes to you that may be a potential match.

  • Look up and obtain from agents information on specific homes of interest.

  • Schedule and conduct private tours to view homes.

  • Schedule regular availability to communicate and answer questions.

  • Conduct a market analysis of comparable homes when you are ready to offer.


  • Contact listing agent of target property to inquire about preferences of seller.

  • Evaluate the strength of your offer position and make any recommendations. 

  • Advise you on how and what to offer to result in accepted contract.

  • Discuss aspects of offer and answer questions on items and terms.

  • Prepare offer contract based on discussed plan and strategies.

  • Help you prepare/obtain lender pre-approval and/or proof of funds.

  • Help you write an introduction letter to sellers, if desired.

  • Professionally prepare offer packet, including cover letter, to compel to seller.


  • Connect with listing agent and offer to answer any questions on offer.

  • Use market trends and dynamics to advocate with listing side.

  • Inform you of seller's response and advise on any next steps.

  • Negotiate any seller counter-offer or disagreement on terms.

  • Review and execute purchase offer contract and signatures.


  • Manage process of obtaining all required seller documentation per terms of contract.

  • Review and answer questions on mandatory reports like title and natural hazards.

  • Help advise you on which inspections are necessary and recommended. 

  • Make recommendations on inspection companies to work with.

  • Schedule and manage on-site inspections between all parties.

  • Review and assist in reviewing inspection reports and recommended response.

  • Help advise and guide you through signing documents and seller disclosures.

  • Advise on and prepare what requests for repairs should be made to sellers.

  • Negotiate with listing side on legitimacy of repairs toward successful outcome.

  • Schedule and manage all parties through repair process, if necessary.


  • Managing and monitoring the closing process and all parties involved. 

  • Actively track the flow of information between parties and problem-solve issues.

  • Keep you informed and stand by to provide any advice or support.

  • Thorough review of all transaction documents by BHHS to protect your interests.

  • My team will provide digital or hard copies of all transaction documentation.

  • Post-closing support such as vendor referrals or unexpected questions.

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