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  • Frank Tadych

Five weekend home improvement projects

A home improvement project is always a fine idea. A home improvement project you can get done in one weekend, well, is an even better idea.

Worthwhile home improvement projects don’t always have to interrupt your life or leave you living in a construction zone. Not only can many be completed in just a day or a weekend, but they won’t have to break your budget, either. There are plenty of home improvement projects that require a small investment in both time and money, and will have a long-term impact on your home in terms of curb appeal, upgrades and added value that buyers will definitely notice.

Polish your patio - Transform your outdoor patio or relaxation area by installing pavers or flagstone to create a defined area. No concrete is required, and you can install an entire patio in a day. Add atmosphere and character with some potted plants, overhead light strings, a fire pit and a bistro set or other comfy seating.

A better backsplash - A new ceramic or glass tile backsplash can turn an otherwise dull kitchen into a fresh new room. Once you have cleared the area, there are many options in terms of style, materials, pricing and levels of difficulty to install. If you don’t want to work with quick-set, there are even peel-and-stick sheets to make an easy project even quicker.

Get an edge - Updating the edging around your gardens, planting beds and walkways can add significant long-term value be defining the areas with a consistent look. Even if you go for real stone or wood edging options, it only requires a little digging and leveling to create a professional look.

Add garage storage - Add some functionality to your garage by adding some simple to install storage features. There are hundreds of options in the garage storage category, from cabinets and shelves to hanging ceiling hooks. The work is simple, just make note of how much space you have to work with and take stock of the items you need to store. Once you’re done, you will be glad you did it.

Make a grand entrance - Make a better first impression in the entry area of your home by adding a few simple items that can bring a bit of style as well as double as extra storage if you lack a closet or built-in shelves. A small-scale table with drawers can be functional storage in the drop-off zone, or a padded bench with internal storage can hide winter accessories. A wall-mounted shelf can hang keys and display family photos.

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