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Small Design Ideas, Big Value for Home

Most homeowners wouldn’t easily dismiss simple home design ideas and techniques that could increase the value of their home. You shouldn’t either.

There are plenty of home design ideas that can bring bang for your buck and fall far short of the time and resources required for a major project or full remodel . In the end, you want to make sure your dollars are well spent and have an impact on the value of your home.

So what are the design ideas and techniques that increase the value of your home?

Pay attention to the ceilings. What do you see when you look up? If it’s popcorn ceilings, they instantly date your house. Remove them, and take it a step farther by painting your ceilings a slightly different shade for impact.

Beautify the bathroom. Minor bathroom changes can go a long ways. By taking down old wallpaper, replacing outdated fixtures or replacing an old toilet, a minimal amount of effort can have real impact. Chose an overall color and design theme for cosmetic updates.

Paint, paint, paint. When it comes to valuable design features, paint is your friend. Paint is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to create design features that can add value. Whether you choose modern or more classic, stick with neutral colors and avoid personalization to allow buyers to imagine their own furnishings.

Add crown molding. Buyers will notice all the small details and finishing touches that make rooms complete, regardless of how much they cost. Crown molding is a great example of an inexpensive finish that adds elegance and polish with minimal cost and instillation.

Let in the light. Implement sources of lighting in your overall home design makes a home feel brighter, bigger and updated. New pendant lighting over center islands or breakfast bars, under-cabinet kitchen lighting, or an impactful chandelier can help set the design tone for an entire home. Fit a skylight or sun tube into your overall design for natural light, which buyers love.

Create outdoor space. Adding outdoor space to your home, in any design form, adds value. Put some design flair into a front porch, a backyard patio, a sitting area or benches under a tree, a fire pit or even add a deck. By intentionally designing outdoor space, you are creating value for buyers.

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