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  • Frank Tadych

California home sellers see biggest gains

It's a common question for homeowners: How much is your home worth?

Generally, the answer for most California home owners is pretty positive. Most importantly for those who have decided to sell, California homeowners are also seeing sizable margins.

Nationwide, homeowners who sold during the third quarter of 2016 gained an averaged of 23 percent ($43,000) above their purchase price, according to ATTOM Data Solutions. That's the highest since 2007.

See the entire interactive nationwide map here.

Several California markets witnessed the highest average home price gain since purchase among markets nationwide. Among 110 metro areas with qualifying sales, San Jose (68 percent), San Francisco (67 percent) and Los Angeles (49 percent) all ranked in the top five.

Sellers in San Jose/Santa Clara/Sunnyvale realized an average price gain since purchase of $345,000. In Los Angeles it was $185,000.

Other markets like Fairfield/Vallejo (49 percent), Modesto (48 percent), Stockton (45 percent) and Sacramento (42 percent) saw impressive gains.

With property values continuing to climb and limited inventory in many markets, it's no surprise California home sellers realize the biggest gains.

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